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Fairy Trina will cast a spell over you!


Secrets, Secrets, lots to share
Read this spell page if you dare,
Try the spell at home day or night,
Don't be sad if at first it's not right.
Try again and really believe
Spells do work you can achieve
Use your heart and imagination
And smile at your magical secret creation!

Bad Dream Spell

This is a lovely spell to help you chase away bad dreams.

You will need
  • - A piece of square material to make a small cushion of your choice (at least 20cm x 20cm)
  • - Filling (lavender, potpurri or similar)
  • - Needle and thread
  • - Scissors

What to do Choose a piece of material and some filling that you like.

Write a letter to the fairies asking them to come and put a magic spell on the pillow you are going to make. Mum and dad can help!

Take your special filling, put it in a bowl and leave it overnight in your bedroom next to your letter. The fairies will come and put a spell on it while you are sleeping.

Ask mum or dad to help you cut it out your material into a 20cm square. Turn the material inside out.

With your needle and thread sew three sides of the pillow together.

Turn the three quarter sewed pillow the right way round and fill it with the filling. Sew it back up.

Pop it under your pillow that evening so it can chase away all the bad dreams you have.