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I am so excited! The squirrel has told me that I have just had some new mail arrive,

Thank you for all your beautiful e-mails!

Send me questions on anything to do with Fairyland or magic or just send me a letter and I will answer.

You may even see yours here!

To dear Fairy Trina,

my name is Sarsha and I am 6 years old.I have been waiting a very long time for your web site to be available and today is the first time that I have seen it. I think your web site is fairytastic and I will look forward to coming back to it as often as possible. If you are going to be at the Fitzroy Gardens in summer I will come along (again!) to see you because you are wonderful.

Lots of love,

Sarsha xxxxx

Dear Katrina,

Thank you so much for a wonderful time at Emma's party! All the children had a marvelous time. I've already heard back from a couple of parents. Emma said she "loves you". My girls have been watching you tell stories for 3 years now. You are truly gifted. I would also like to take this opportunity to again extend my most sincere and deepest sympathies on the sudden loss of your mother. It is never easy and the fact that you were able to give so much of yourself to the children under such circumstances is a testament to your gift. Keep up the wonderful work. I'm sure your mother is smiling down at you and she will always be with you. I hope you have a restful holiday and that your memories will bring you comfort.

Kindest Regards,

Anna Severin

To Fairytrina,

I liked you at Sarahís birthday party. First I didnít know what to do but when you got there I had so much fun. I hope you like this letter I am sending you. I hope you can come to one of my birthday parties. My birthday is on the first of August. I will be turning eight this year. I live in Glen Waverley. Last night I looked out my window but I did not see anything shining. Today it was my sisterís birthday, she was turning three. Sarahís mum said Sarah got a little present under her pillow from you. When I put the fairy dust in my hair my hair was all sparkly. When I got home that night I had to have a bath. But the wishing stone wasnít good for Mia because she kept putting it in her mouth and I did not like it, I thought she would choke so dad took it off her. Please write back soon.

Love Erin

(ps my dad typed this in for me. He typed in what I told him to type.)

Dear Fairy Trina

I was asked by Sara to send to a big Thank You for making her party special, She still talks about you and remembers her special time with you. I have attached a photo of Sara and her friends totally enchanted by you. I believe you regularly appear at Borders, if so can you let me know when you are there next? Thank You


Danni Gucciardo-Administration Manager

Dear Fairy Trina,

I love you, Fairy Trina. Thank you for coming to my party on Saturday, and helping to make it a very magickal day. When I woke up on Sunday morning, I found a lovely letter and beautiful present next to my pillow! My baby Freya (Faery) had fun, even though she was a bit sick. Mum says that when she gets some photos, we can send some to you. All of my friends had a wonderful time and thought that a Fairy party was an excellent way to help celebrate Freya's (21st) mum's & my (22nd) birthday!

Thank you, Fairy Trina

Love Lilith

Dear Fairy Trina,

thankyou for making my daughters birthday so special for her and all the other children. Even though she was very shy and embarassed at all the attention she still loved every minute and won't stop talking about you. We will probably see you again in the next year or two as Madison would like you to come back. Keep doing what you are doing because you are fantastic at it. All the adults loved you too.

Hope to see you again.

Georgina Abdilla

Hi Katrina,

Just a short note to thank you very much for the absolutely enjoyable time my daughter and her friends had at her Birthday Party last Sunday. Everyone present was most impressed by your talents and we have no hesitation in recommending you for other parties.

Kind regards.

David S Pryse?Mobile Business Manager Business Express Melbourne

dear fairy trina

this is daina and evan's mum here (sally). we saw you again at borders on sunday, daina made a bracelet. i really want to thank you for the lovely way you engage her and all the other children. you always make daina feel special and i have been delighted to see her so responsive and outgoing with you when you are telling all the children a story. you might recall that you told a story with a unicorn in it. for daina's party she peicked out plates etc that had unicorns on them! i really enjoy your humour, creativity and how you look after all the children.

thank you,

sally kronk

Dear Trina,

Thank you so much for providing such wonderful entertainment at my daughters birthday party.The children were all captivated (even Flora who wouldn't leave the couch) Such a large number of 4 - 5 year olds are a difficult audience to tame but you kept them going with variety and a nice pace. Eliza loved your letter under her pillow! Thank you once again

Yours sincerely

Julie Clarke

hello fairy trina!

I really like the CD- especially "I want Chicken Pox", and the brussels spouts song. I'm learning my letters, so far I know H, T, C, X, and S. I get very excited when I see those letters when we are shopping. I love to come and see you at Borders . I love seeing my photo on the computer.



Dear Fairy Trina thank you for the C.D colled THE LAND OF MACK BILIVE. Me and my Mum licined to it today it was grat. I love you fairy Trina. My favrit bite was when you toled the grat storey abat the littre bugs.It is beaues I like the idire of raboe vill ("Rainbowville") but that is not all. I gote a big shock when I hode it becaues it was gate. I hope I will see you agen sone.

Love from Jasmin

(Hi Trina, Jasmin wanted to type this email to you all by herself. We both loved your first CD. Please let us know when the new CD's out so we can buy a copy (and your books too, Jasmin might even eat vegies after she reads your book about them!))

Thanks for giving such a wonderful party (as always). We will email you photos when we get organised.

Best wishes and kind regards Caroline

Fairy Trina,

Thanks again for the wonderful time with Ashleigh and the kids. We had a very wonderful fairy day on Sunday, up in the trees at Emerald. Ashleigh was very surprised to find the presents under her bed the next day.


Darrin and Sandy Southern

Dear Fairy Katrina,

We had a look at your website and we love you. When will you be at Chadstone next so we can see you? You are very pretty.We'd love to hear your stories and spells. Tim the Gardener told us about you (he does my mums and auntie's garden)

Love Madeline Lurati and Brittany Pyle xxxx

(care of Karen Lurati!)

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